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The future consists in providing a fast, full fledged and tailored service to our clients.

For that reason, we can now make the necessary calculations for your projects.

The reliability of our engineering department is assured by the extensive experience of our team, enhanced by the use of new technologies.

As we offer a complete service, we lighten our client’s work load and keep a closer control over the production process. The results are a faster completion of your projects and alternatives at a lower cost.

With the addition of engineering among our processes we can:

directly design structures from the architectural plans;

quickly add any modification to the production drawing or the assembly layout, should the detail or assembly drawings change;

easily manage the workshop production, which means that we can immediately stop the manufacturing process and add any necessary changes to the product.

  Visit Tecla Xsteel

To meet the quality and efficiency demands of our projects, we at Talleres R. Ballesté e Hijos choose Tekla Xsteel.

TEKLA Xsteel is an advanced detailing tool which enables us to keep abreast of the future.

Get to know some Xsteel features.

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