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  Quality control

We have adopted a quality control system based on ISO International Standards 9001 (1994). Its purpose is to ensure the constant quality of our services and a full compliance with schedules, as well as improving our production system.

Choose our suppliers among the best, and check every single bought or     subcontracted product.

Carefully inspect materials upon their arrival, and establish a befitting method of    handling, storing, packing and delivering our products.

Systematically check our own inspection, measuring and test equipment.

Provide our employees with up to date guides on work procedures and protocols    which describe every method and procedure. We make sure that these    documents are read, understood and implemented.

Permanently train our employees to make sure that they are adequately   qualified.

Keep track of the performance of our own quality system, through internal audits   that enable us to take preventive measures.

To know more about our quality system, please feel free to read our Quality Manual (only in Spanish).

The manual describes the structure of the company, the responsibilities of its members over quality and the practices followed to manage quality in an efficient way.

You will need Acrobat Reader to open the file. You can download it for free.

Quality Manual   Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0
  Download manual Download it for free (517Kb).     Download Acrobat Reader Download it for free (315Kb).
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